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Irresistible Invitation - thoughts, reflections and discussions

By Stan Cardwell in Community United Methodist Church about 1 year ago | 4091 views Link:

Just a reminder that these posts will be following Maxie Dunham’s book, Irresistible Invitation – Responding to the Extravagant Heart of God.  You’re encouraged to order a copy or download on your Kindle.

Day 1 – Incandescent Amazement.  

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth – Gen 1.

Remember Mary Martin’s grandmother who lived in “incandescent amazement”?  I remember camping with Michelle in the Nittany mountains outside Happy Valley, PA before she went off to school.  There was no human light on our side of the mountain and that night, I marveled at the billions of stars.  There were so many, that I thought I was seeing fog or clouds in the night sky.  The night sky was milky.  Awe.  Wonder.  Beauty.  I think I understand what Mary Martin’s grandmother experienced.  But what I don’t have is that every day sense of awe.  My moments of awe are too fleeting.  My guess is that I’m not living in incandescent amazement because I don’t practice looking for and seeking out the wonder every day – because all of this created world is filled with mystery, majesty and wonder – even a dandelion growing in the crack of a sidewalk in suburbia.  How about you?  Are you actively seeking out moments of awe and wonder?  Let’s encourage one another to seek out God’s beauty – to train ourselves for lives of incandescent amazement.

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Stan Cardwell

Day 2 -  God’s Creation Is Good

“God saw all that he had made and it was very good” – Gen 1:31

God’s good world turned dark after the Fall – and we navigate in that darkness.  I am not so much afraid of the dark, but I do have fears.  It’s easy to get consumed by all the bad news – media seems to major on the malicious.  Our news channels don’t report on all the people who quietly make it home without incident, who live quiet peaceable lives.  Instead, it’s accidents and disasters and violence.  Every day. Day after day.  Shall we retreat into our shell?  Hide from the malice?  Or is there still good in our world because God is still active in bringing good?  My friend Vance penned the phrase, “life is brutalful,” recognizing that life is both beautiful and brutal.  And in the midst of this brutalful world, are we able to trust that God is at work, making all things work for good, making all things new?  Learning to trust God and thus have our fear replaced with courage is at the heart of our journey – a faith journey.  God is good and he longs to restore the goodness of this world and in us.  Take some time to write down all the ways God has been good to you.  You might want to make this a daily exercise.

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Community UMC was born in the 70s and has grown along with the community of Crofton. We are a diverse church with members across age, ethnicity, economic and political spectrums. We value intergenerational connection. Our task is to be the Tangible expression of God’s Kingdom by exploring how we can better love God, one another, and our world. We are on mission, 24-7, to love the people of Crofton into relationship with Jesus Christ.

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